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Buster's World focuses on the naivety of youth. The goofiness of childhood is juxtaposed with innocent attempts at adulthood. Street culture allows the youth to play with different attitudes and tribes in order to discover who they want to be. The fluidity of identity and ignorance of authority creates a bizarre parody of reality. Despite their inexperience, the youth tries to posture as older and wiser and become a caricature of their future selves. This cartoonish vision permeates the Hærværk silhouettes; each sleeve, hood, and trouser is blown out of proportion, so when wearing the garments you naturally become a cartoon of who you are pretending to be.

Hærværk gets recognised as an avant-garde streetwear brand. Hærværk balances the streetwear attitude and tribal feeling with high-end fashion aspects such as tailored posture and tactile surfaces. Our products are exclusive design pieces though not tailored for the successful in-control figure. Instead it is shaped by the goofy teenagers’ dull and lazy attitude. We aim to bring substance into the garment by shaping posture and character into every silhouette to authentically reflect our storytelling. With innovative surfaces and an over dimensioned cut we jubilant naivety, youth, pop culture and creativity. We want to lead the new generation and change the way they walk, behave and dress.